Hendre Welsh Cobs
Cefnhendre Welsh Mountain Ponies

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Welsh Cob

Hendre Stud of Welsh Cobs was established in the 1930s with the Cefnhendre Stud of Welsh Mountain Ponies being established in 1967.

Welsh Mountain Pony

For more details on the history of the Stud and to see some interesting old photos look at the History page.

The Stud aims to breed ponies and cobs which are true to type, with plenty of bone, straight movement and with the confirmation and temperament to excel in all disciplines. We are able to take a limited number of visiting mares to our Section A stallion Cefnhendre Cymro and we occasionally have youngstock for sale.

For further information contact:

Gethin & Margaret Williams
Chapel Road
SY23 5LF

Phone: 01974 272058

Email: gethinwilliams@sky.com

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